If you are the original owner of the goods all Clulite® branded torches will have a 1-year warranty on all manufacturing defects and faults in the torch from the date of purchase.

Warranty period of other products

The following products come with a 1-year warranty, whether they are supplied with the torch or purchased individually:

  • All rechargeable batteries
  • All accessories and chargers
  • All bulbs supplied with the torch up to 1 year

If your claim meets the warranty within the first year from the date of purchase, please return it to the place of purchase. Thereafter, please return the goods to Cluson Engineering Limited.

If we can't repair your item, we'll replace it with an item of equivalent specification. If no equivalent product is available, we'll either offer you the nearest equivalent specification or its selling price value, and we'll always do our best to make sure you're satisfied with the outcome.

What is not included in the Warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time (e.g., switches)
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage as a result of unreasonable or improper use
  • Damage from external sources such as transit, weather, electrical outages, or power surges
  • Damage caused by battery leaks of non-rechargeable batteries or leaks from replacement rechargeable batteries not purchased from Cluson Engineering Limited
  • Damage caused by rechargeable battery leaks 1 year after date of purchase
  • Faults caused by:
    • Use of parts not assembled or installed in accordance with the instructions of Cluson Engineering Limited
    • Use of parts and accessories which are not purchased from Cluson Engineering Limited. A full range of spares and accessories is available at www.clulite.cluson.co.uk.
    • Faulty assembly or installation (except where carried out by Cluson Engineering Limited)
  • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Cluson Engineering Limited
  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item
  • Please refer to Part 18.3 of the Terms of Sale in respect of who will cover the cost of returning the goods.


If your goods are out of warranty or they do not fit the warranty criteria above, we do offer a full repair service for many of our products. Please use the Contact Form or speak to our technician by calling 01730 264672 to see if a repair is a suitable option.