• Terry Stone (customer)

    I would like to thank Cluson for their excellent service and in particular thank the technician who kindly walked me through the electrics in my torch! He was very patient (I’m clueless regarding electronics) and was polite and friendly - a credit to your Company. I’m in my sixties and recovering from Cancer so it meant a lot.

  • Mike Powell (Journalist)

    Cluson Engineering is a quintessentially English company that’s run by down-to-earth country folk, for country folk. It’s a homegrown, local, small business that’s quite traditional and old-fashioned in all the best possible ways.

    It’s not easy competing with giant overseas conglomerates, but it’s something that Cluson does well, because it specializes in what it does best. It doesn’t try to be everything to everyone.

  • Sarah Holloway (customer)

    Just wanted to say a ‘big thank you’ for the excellent service. I have received my torch back this morning all sorted and FOC.

    Thank you so much