About Us


Based in Petersfield, Hampshire, Cluson Engineering Limited offers powerful, dependable, and well-designed lighting solutions that include the following Clulite® products and accessories:

  • rechargeable torches
  • head lights
  • helmet lights
  • work lights
  • spot lights
  • gun lights
  • power packs
  • dust lamps
  • batteries and chargers
  • equipment cases

Our mission is to create and provide high-quality products that are made to last and built to perform. Customers in the agricultural, shooting, industrial, police, rail, military, and search & rescue sectors all rely on Clulite® torches to help them do their jobs.

We’re serious about customer care, and we provide the kind of personalized service and dedicated support that builds long-term relationships. We stand behind every Clulite® product we sell. That’s why many of our clients (as well as our own staff members) have been with us since we first opened our doors in 1971.

Experience the Clulite® difference for yourself. Call us today on 01730 264672 or email us at sales@clulite.co.uk. We’re ready to work with you.


At Cluson Engineering Limited, we’re proud of our longevity in a rapidly changing industry. Our company is the legacy and life’s work of our beloved founder, Gordon Clue. In 1971, he recognised there was an unfilled need in the torch market for a powerful, rechargeable, and handheld light.

Gordon poured his passion for innovation and engineering into a prototype that brought his idea to life, and the very first Clulite® torch was born. With his commitment to hard work and his ability to make smart decisions, Gordon established Cluson’s reputation for quality and dependability. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the decades that followed, Gordon grew his company from its humble beginnings in a small shed to its present location in a large, modern facility in Petersfield’s thriving Bedford Road Industrial Estate...but he didn’t stop there. He continually modified and refined his torch designs, diversifying the company’s line to reflect changing technology, including the move from halogen to LED bulbs, and from sealed lead acid to lithium ion batteries. Through all of these industry changes, one thing has always remained constant: a promise to provide you with a reliable product that gets the job done.

At Cluson Engineering, we’re proud to honour Gordon’s memory, carry on his work and uphold his high standards. And we’re also ready to write the next exciting chapter of our company’s story. We’d like it to include you as well. Call us today on 01730 264672 or email us at sales@clulite.co.uk. We’d love to work with you.